Zug Moroccan Sahara: Western Sahara

Introduction to Morocco

It is an interesting place with the snow capped on the high hills. It is one of the most accessible slices in the Sahara. Mostly people travel it during their stay in the Moroccan Sahara. It contains 40 km ribbons of sand dunes. These sand dunes are visited by sitting on the camel back. Ancient traders travel though these sand dunes and using the camel back for sitting. Their footstep makes way for the visitors in the sand dunes. You can visit Zug Moroccan Sahara which is the part of Western Sahara.

History of Moroccan Sahara

It is famous for its sand dunes and rocky parts. Oasis town and cities in the Moroccan Sahara is developed with the passage of time. Moroccan Sahara is a place of interest for tourists. It is located in the northern part of Africa. It is the third largest desert after the two most famous Antarctica desert and Arctic desert. Both of these desserts are cool in their weather and climate. But visitors visit the Moroccan Sahara due to its weather fluctuation regularly hot weather. When this hot weather changes into cool during the start of the year, people are inclined to visit this site. They love to travel to Moroccan Sahara with their families and friends. Sahara desert covers the 9 million km area equivalent to the entire continent of the North America.

sahara desert

Moroccan Sahara has its history dating back to 3 million years ago. Word Sahara is derived from the Arabic word which means “the great”.  Oasis towns are found in the Morocco which is equipped with cultural, architectural buildings. These buildings attract the visitors to stay. Marketplaces and houses are located the oasis towns of the Moroccan Sahara. Most interesting of the Moroccan Sahara is sand dunes. It contains several sand dunes. Some sand dunes real up to 180 meters high. Some sand dunes contain proper structural paths while others do not have. Life on the Sahara is impossible except the same areas. Nile river and Timbuktu s also an exception where people and animals can easily survive.

Zug Moroccan Sahara

Zug is located in the western Sahara. It is monitored by Polisario front. It is often called liberated territories. Sand Sea is located nearby which is the only erg near to the Zug Moroccan Sahara.

Sand dunes in Zug

Sand dunes are different in their structural forms in the Zug Moroccan Sahara. Some places in the Morocco are not equipped with roads and settlements like Grand Erg Occidental. While others have roads and settlements and are accessible to the visitors. You can easily enjoy at these sites by travelling. You can travel in the dunes by sitting on the camel back. Several sand dunes are found in the Sahara like erg chubby and much more. These dunes are mostly used by traders for travel. Sand dunes in the Morocco are known as Ergs. Zug Moroccan Sahara mostly contains an area of sand dunes.