Social Media: A Portal to raise women’s voices

Women Equality also is known as feminism is the crucial topic for every state, region and culture. Women all over the world have strived for their rights and justice; to get their legal status and recognition.

Primitively, women have to make continuous efforts to raise the voice for their rights. There were numerous obstacles and hurdles which impeded them to achieve rights and identity equal to men.  If all the creation is equal in the sight of Lord then who the human are to discriminate? Who are us to decide that men are stronger to possess more rights than women? It is a right of every individual to have equal status and recognition.

Women Rights and Social Media

Social media proved beneficial for people of all age, all genders and all businesses. Women activists too, optimise the social media to enable other women in the society to know their rights, justice and opportunities.
See this Historical Video by UN:

Last year in the Wikigender online discussion organised by OECD, the participants made studies relating to the importance of social media and its importance in connecting the activists across the world. Social media provide a platform for female bloggers to attract the potential social activists to inspire people with their writings on the issue of women equality.

Social Media is a powerful tool to endorse Women Equality

Media is everywhere. It is a tool that helps individuals in reshaping their lives, social norms and values.  From the last few years, social media has become the backbone for the social workers to help seek justice for the women victims who suffered harassments, tortures and inequality. The use of hashtags raises awareness among people about the particular issue that they are unaware about.

Our society is struggling with male dominance era where everyone blames women for any pain she is already suffering from. Social media proves the individuals of the community and enable them to stand single to get justice for the victims.

Social media helped to narrow the gender gap in the society. Running a social media campaign becomes a lot easier when you buy twitter followers for your profile.

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Orkut or youtube; all these social sites are helpful for increasing awareness regarding women issues and their solutions. Women of all ages have access to different channels to know about themselves. Different women right activists have their pages and profiles on social media channels. They offer free counselling services to girls.

These women activists also help the women know any legal guidance related to their particular legal issue.

Why Social Media?

Social media is a platform and a portal to raise awareness and voice. It is a most appropriate invention of the century. But, unfortunately, we are not using the social media in a suitable way. Women of developing countries are only interested in following celebrities and fashion pages on social media. It is, therefore, a humble suggestion to all of them to use the facility appropriately. It is not at all bad to learn new fashion trends, but it is important to know your rights and duties towards the society. Follow the pages of social and legal activists; women journalists and United Nations. These pages increase your knowledge regarding latest developments and amendments related to women and their status in the society.