Why Ibn-e-Battuta is so famous

Ibn-e-Battuta was born in 25, 1304 in Morocco. At that Morocco was part of Islamic Empire. Ibn Battuta grew in an Islamic family. He spent his youth in learning, reading and writing mathematics, science and Islamic laws. By occupation, he was a traveler and explorer. He was famous about one of the greatest travelers in history. Ibn-e-Battuta spent 29 years in traveling the world when he was in middle ages. During his travel, he covers almost 75000 miles and which included much of Islamic empire. He is known and famous as one of the greatest travelers in history.

Mecca Travel:

Ibn-e-Battuta decided to make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca at the age of 21. He knew that it was difficult, but he decided to do. This trip to Mecca was a thousand miles long. He usually joined the caravan for company and safety. During his travel, he visited many cities including Cairo, Tunis, Damascus, and Alexandria. After one and a half year he reached Mecca and completed his pilgrimage.

Book Rihla:

When he was near the end of his life, he returned to Morocco and told many stories of his fantastic journey. The ruler of Morocco want the record of his journey, he insisted Ibn-e- Battuta to told his stories to a scholar about his journey. The scholar wrote down the stories and famous book Rihla was published by his name in later years. Rihla means to travel.

ibn battuta

Ibn-e-Battuta travels history:

Ibn-e-Battuta discovered that he love traveling during his pilgrimage. He liked seeing new places, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. So he decided to continue traveling. Next 28 years of his life he travels the world. First, he went to Iraq and Persia, visiting cities such as Baghdad, Tabriz, and Mosul. Then he travels to east cost spending time in Somalia and Tanzania. After, that he headed towards the north visiting Turkey. And then he came to India over there he work for the sultan of Delhi. After some years he left and then travel to China. In China Ibn-e- Battuta visited cities such as Beijing and Hangzhou. He traveled to Grand Canal and the great wall of China. And over there is also meet the Mongol khan who ruled China.

Interesting things about Ibn-e-Battuta:

  1. He traveled 44 modern day countries
  2. He served as judge of Islamic law at different places
  3. He survived mostly on the gifts of Muslim fellows.

In 1354 he returned to Morocco and remained there until his death. He died in 1355. After the publication of joint Arabic French edition, Buttats reputation as a greatest traveler in history was revived and his legacy is secure.

Ibn-e-Buttuta was one of the remarkable travelers of all time. Yet his name is not mentioned in geography books used in eastern and western countries. His traveling experience to many countries make him famous, he was one of the most traveled person ever, who explore many things during his travel. One of the best example for many people in the world.