Understanding Casablanca’s Cultural Lifestyle

Most of the locals in Morocco which is ruled by H.M King Mohammed VI are Muslim believers, therefore their religious traditions &customs are seen in all parts of local lifestyle. Explorers ought to be mindful of a few essential rules that must be respected by all guests. Sightseers, who need to go for a stroll outside and visit famous spots, ought to pick their outfits responsibly.  Short skirts, tops & girl dresses with sleeveless won’t be appropriate for a stroll in the city. Travelers are encouraged to wear long sleeve pull ups, and a longer skirt or jeans covering the knee. Such garments will be acknowledged by neighborhood individuals with resistance, considering it is still far different from the national dress. In addition, no short sleeve top and shorts for men. But with regards to tourist zones, there are no strict guidelines in public beaches and hotels, so you may wear any swimming outfit.

Local people are extremely friendly & welcoming. Indeed, even a dealer in a conventional shop can treat guests with some tea or espresso. Keep in mind you don’t reject such offers since your refusal may hurt a host. Numerous voyagers say that local people appear to be somewhat inquisitive. They can ask many inquiries concerning your work, social and material status amid a discussion.

Every one of the inquiries ought to be addressed cordially and with some restriction. It’s ideal to think of them as not as the usual curiosity, but rather as a natural yearning to know more about a new friend. While strolling through the avenues of Casablanca, tourists can meet some “guides”, they are local people who offer tour services to vacationers. It ought to be noticed that the services of these aides will be a much more costly than the services offered of employees of travel companies. In this way, it’s ideal to respectfully reject these compulsive offers c, however in the event that there is a need to approach local people for help, than you should leave a reward for any help they give.


We essentially can’t neglect to say the held state of mind of the locals to liquor. Drinking liquor is permitted only in limited areas, and appearance in the city in an intoxicated state can be a strong ground for complaint. Amid the heavenly month of Ramadan, the offer of mixed beverages can be suspended in numerous shops & restaurants.

Souks, a term they used for marketplace are a way of life in Morocco that one does not have to go far to discover one. Tourists may often get some great bargains here, keep in mind however that a lot of Moroccans will have way more experience than you will with regards to haggling the price that I the end you may not find a better bargain than that which is offered.

Overall, the Moroccan culture can be an exciting & unique experience according to Mohamed Dekkak. The locals are friendly and the country is colorful. Their culture is synonymous to being hospitable so getting to know new friends is very much possible and generally paves way for long term association with these vibrant and interesting people & a genuine taste of Moroccan life.