Start your own clothing business in Gulf Countries

After oil and petroleum, textile and tourism industry are primary sources of revenue generator in the Gulf countries; especially Dubai. Dubai belongs to those parts of the world where a clothing company registration in Dubai generates high revenues.  The government is providing additional incentives to the business related to clothing and textile sector. The economists believe that textile and clothing industry is significant for the further economic growth of the region. Do you know that UAE clothing items are export to fifty different countries around the World? The textile industry portfolio is diverse. With the small investment, one can only start a clothing retail outlet or store in Dubai. Due to a booming industry, suppliers are available within the country. The competition is intense, and this factor leads to the decrease in vendors’ bargaining power.

Go online

It is not vital that to establish your clothing retail company you have some physical location or a store. Consumers in Dubai, mainly the locals prefer buying online due to time constraints. With the online store, you have a broader reach across all over UAE and other Gulf Countries.

company setup in dubai

Outlets in Malls

Dubai is a tourist hub. Millions of tourists visit Dubai every month. They visit malls, plazas and shopping centers because these places are the center of attraction for the visitors. Increase a bit of your company setup budget and buy a store in one of the shopping malls of the city. But wait! The procedure to buy a shop in these places is not easy. Every mall has its application process which demands certain eligibility and criteria for the purchase of a shop.

Introduce your fashion clothing brand

Although the market size is big, there is still a market gap exists. There are very few local fashion clothing brands. Most of the time, people have to buy expensive clothing items from the signature outlets of the international designers. Why don’t you introduce your clothing fashion line in Dubai? Be careful! You need a detailed research for launching a clothing and apparel brand in Dubai. The completion is not with the local designers but the international designers too.

How the local clothing brands help retailers?

Take a look at the population size of Dubai. There are a number of clothing retail outlets and stores, and everyone is keen to have a differentiation on the services and products. Local clothing brands can make collaborations and contracts for selling their products in their stores. The clothing brands, in the way, don’t have to incur extra cost on opening their outlets. Retailers, on the other hand, will have a long-term relationship with the suppliers. Gulf and other countries have strong demand for the clothing and apparel items. Dubai is providing the platform for the locals and foreign to establish a company registration related to textile industry by offering plenty of custom discounts and free trade zones.

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