Clean kitchen without chemicals

kitchenIn the kitchen, it is not nonsensical, but also dangerous to clean with aggressive means. Chemistry has lost nothing in the kitchen so that residues can not get into the food. Also in other areas of your household, you do not need chemical cleaners to keep everything hygienically clean.

Clean kitchen for more health

Especially after the preparation of raw fish, poultry or meat you should clean your kitchen particularly well to avoid the risk of infection with germs and bacteria, for example, salmonella. You do not have to resort to disinfection sprays, even with natural means it is possible to ensure hygienic cleanliness in your kitchen! Most of these funds are already in your household. If not, then you can get them for really small money in the nearest supermarket or the drugstore. These means are, of course, not only perfect in the kitchen, but also in the rest of the household!

Clean the work surface

On the work surface, your food has direct contact with the surface, so it should be cleaned well before cooking and especially afterward. To do this, use an acid, for example, lemon juice or vinegar, and a fat solvent, such as conventional dishwashing detergent or soda. The acid helps against bacteria and mold, the fat solvent removes grease residues. That’s all you need. You can also use best rated garbage disposal to clean garbage from kitchen.

Keep the hood clean

Modern extractor hoods have a filter made of metal fabric, which eliminates the complicated and cost-intensive replacement of paper filters or foam mats. You should be careful to clean these fine metal grids regularly to get the full power of the hood. By means of a bonded metal fabric soiled with frying fat, less air can be sucked off. Primarily it concerns greasy pollution. This can be easily removed with washing soda. Note that washing soda is only effective in hot water and should not be applied to aluminum. So fill the bucket or sink with a washing solution that should be as hot as possible. Then wipe the grilles in while you wipe the rest of the extractor hood with cleaning gloves and a rag. Soda is extremely decreasing, so avoid skin contact with the wash solution!

Stainless steel to shine

You do not need special cleaners to keep stainless steel surfaces shiny and clean. Do not use aggressive detergents such as abrasive milk to remove stains or crusts on high gloss surfaces! Much more gentle is a paste, which you from sugar or salt with some lemon juice. Apply these to the crust, let it react and remove with the gentle force of salt or sugar crystals.

Clean crusted pots

Often, the best dishwasher is not able to clean crusted pots. If the food is burned in the pot, you do not have to approach the problem either with muscle power or expensive (and poisonous) special cleaners. Fill the pot with water and add washing soda. Then boil the water. The crusts should dissolve with the then ascending air bubbles completely without scrubbing!